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1-1/8" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP36
25.25 USD
13/16" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP26
25.25 USD
1-3/8" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP44
25.50 USD
3/8" Drive Metric Valve Cover Bolt Socket S6132A
46.00 USD
4 pc Power Valve Lapping Tool Set VLP104
102.00 USD
5/8" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP20
25.75 USD
Compact C-Clamp Compressor (1/4–1-1/16", 17 and 20.8 mm Capacity) (Blue-Point®) CF19B
37.00 USD
Compressor, C-Clamp (1–2" capacity) CF811B
95.25 USD
Compressor, C-Clamp, Air-Operated (7/8–2-1/2" capacity) CF700C
515.00 USD
Compressor, Valve Spring, Cam Operated (Blue-Point®) VST100
54.00 USD
Compressor, Valve Spring, Universal (Blue-Point®) YA9140B
238.00 USD
Holder, Timing Chain, Lexus®, 2 pk M2112PK
125.00 USD
Holder, VVT Gear, Lexus® M2113
43.50 USD
Lock Down Tool for YA9140B YA9140B-LDT
52.50 USD
Pliers, Valve Stem Seal (Blue-Point®) YA8230
81.00 USD
Remover, Valve Guide, 5.2 mm Pilot, 189 mm PHG97A
43.00 USD
Remover, Valve Guide, 6.9 mm Pilot, 189 mm PHG96A
39.75 USD
Remover, Valve Guide, 7.7 mm Pilot, 190 mm PHG83A
43.00 USD
Remover, Valve Guide, 9.3 mm Pilot, 190 mm PHG86A
43.00 USD
Remover/Installer, Metric Valve Keeper (Blue-Point®) GA317
49.50 USD
Set, Camshaft Bearing Remover and Inserter (Blue-Point®) GA285
287.00 USD
Set, Camshaft Seal Installer, Toyota®/Lexus®/Mazda®/Nissan®/Infiniti (Blue-Point®) YA6380
101.00 USD
Set, Jaws (Optional 1-1/2–2-1/2" capacity jaws for CF811 and CF700C) CF700C-1
26.00 USD
Set, Replacement Jaw (1–2" capacity jaws for CF811 and CF700) CF700C-2
27.00 USD
Tool, Camshaft Sprocket Holding YA4660
57.75 USD
Tool, Metric, Valve Adjustment (for cars with 10 mm jam nut valve screws) (Blue-Point®) YA8895
86.50 USD
Tool, Metric, Valve Adjustment, for cars with 12 mm jam nut valve screws (Blue-Point®) YA8880
86.50 USD
Tool, Overhead Valve (Blue-Point®) GA318A
74.25 USD