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1-1/8" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP36
26.00 USD
13/16" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP26
26.00 USD
1-3/8" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP44
26.25 USD
3/8" Drive Metric Valve Cover Bolt Socket S6132A
47.25 USD
4 pc Power Valve Lapping Tool Set VLP104
104.50 USD
5.2 mm Pilot, 189 mm Valve Guide Remover PHG97B
42.25 USD
5/8" Power Valve Lapping Tool VLP20
26.50 USD
Compact C-Clamp Compressor (1/4–1-1/16", 17 and 20.8 mm Capacity) (Blue-Point®) CF19B
38.00 USD
Compressor, C-Clamp (1–2" capacity) CF811B
97.75 USD
Compressor, C-Clamp, Air-Operated (7/8–2-1/2" capacity) CF700C
530.00 USD
Compressor, Valve Spring, Cam Operated (Blue-Point®) VST100
55.25 USD
Compressor, Valve Spring, Universal (Blue-Point®) YA9140B
244.00 USD
Dodge®/Chrysler® Valve Spring Compressor VST1435
143.50 USD
Holder, Timing Chain, Lexus®, 2 pk M2112PK
128.00 USD
Holder, VVT Gear, Lexus® M2113
44.50 USD
Lock Down Tool for YA9140B YA9140B-LDT
53.75 USD
Pliers, Valve Stem Seal (Blue-Point®) YA8230
83.00 USD
Remover, Valve Guide, 6.9 mm Pilot, 189 mm PHG96A
40.75 USD
Remover, Valve Guide, 9.3 mm Pilot, 190 mm PHG86A
44.00 USD
Remover/Installer, Metric Valve Keeper (Blue-Point®) GA317
50.75 USD
Set, Camshaft Bearing Remover and Inserter (Blue-Point®) GA285
294.00 USD
Set, Jaws (Optional 1-1/2–2-1/2" capacity jaws for CF811 and CF700C) CF700C-1
26.75 USD
Set, Replacement Jaw (1–2" capacity jaws for CF811 and CF700) CF700C-2
27.75 USD
Tool, Metric, Valve Adjustment (for cars with 10 mm jam nut valve screws) (Blue-Point®) YA8895
88.75 USD
Tool, Metric, Valve Adjustment, for cars with 12 mm jam nut valve screws (Blue-Point®) YA8880
88.75 USD
Tool, Overhead Valve (Blue-Point®) GA318A
76.00 USD
Tool, Valve Adjusting(Toyota®, other OHC engines with spacer shims) (Blue-Point®) YA8825
65.00 USD
Valve Guide Brush (Blue-Point®) AC12B
12.85 USD