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Description Item # Price
Adaptor, Flaring, Push Connect, 1/4" (Blue-Point®) TF600-6
34.25 USD
Adaptor, Flaring, Push Connect, 3/8" (Blue-Point®) TF600-4
34.25 USD
Adaptor, Flaring, Push Connect, 5/16" (Blue-Point®) TF600-2
34.25 USD
Adaptor, GM® Fuel, 3/8" (Blue-Point®) TF7003
40.50 USD
Adaptor, GM® Fuel, 5/16" (Blue-Point®) TF7001
40.50 USD
Bender, Tubing, 1/4" Bends (Blue-Point®) TBS100
31.75 USD
Cutter, Tubing, Ratcheting TC15A
79.00 USD
Cutting Wheel, High-Speed Steel (TC15A) TC15-HSS
23.60 USD
Cutting Wheel, Standard (TC15A) TC15-7C
39.50 USD
Die Set, Flaring, Push Connect, 1/4" (Blue-Point®) TF600-7
53.25 USD
Die Set, Flaring, Push Connect, 5/16" (Blue-Point®) TF600-3
53.25 USD
Extra Cutting Wheel TC28C1
19.75 USD
Extra Cutting Wheel TC123C1
16.45 USD
Handle, Ratcheting Tube Cutter (Blue-Point®) TC123CRH
14.60 USD
Kit, Flaring, Automotive In-Line (Blue-Point®) TFL500
40.50 USD
Kit, Flaring, Metric In-Line (Blue-Point®) TFLM800
62.00 USD
Kit, Flaring, SAE In-Line (Blue-Point®) TFL800
67.00 USD
Kit, Inline Flaring, Master (Blue-Point®) TFL20MK
144.50 USD
Multipurpose Tubing Bender (Blue-Point®) TBS200A
60.50 USD
Ratcheting Cutter (Blue-Point®) TC25A
81.00 USD
Set, Double Flaring Tool (Blue-Point®) TF5A
76.00 USD
Set, Flaring and Swaging, 45° (Blue-Point®) TF275A
184.50 USD
Set, GM® Fuel Die, 3/8" (Blue-Point®) TF7004
63.50 USD
Set, GM® Fuel Die, 5/16" (Blue-Point®) TF7002
63.50 USD
Set, Metric Double Flaring Tool, 4.75–10 mm Outside Diameter (Blue-Point®) TFM5A
73.75 USD
Set, Metric, Bubble Flaring (Blue-Point®) TFM428
168.00 USD
Set, Tube Cutting and Double Flaring (Blue-Point®) TF528D
185.50 USD
Tubing Bender (Blue-Point®) TBS300
81.00 USD