54" 10-Drawer Double Bank USA Flag Wrap Masters Series Roll Cab

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Item: KTL1022AWDH



• Extended Cab—convenient drawer layout with three extra-wide drawers—5" drawer for vertical socket storage, 3" drawer for long-handled tools like wrenches, and 4" drawer for larger/longer tools like 36 or 48" prybars—5" and 3" extra-wide top drawers alone provide 2,600 in² and 10,000 in³ of easy-access storage

• Patented Lock 'N Roll® System makes opening the drawers a snap, while preventing them from drifting open

• Iso-Ride+® Casters—smooth ride and excellent weight capacity

• High-security tubular lock and collar make it harder to pick and more resistant to vandalism

• Features USA wrap

Product Specifications Information:
Cubic inches (cm³) 34,573 (566,550)
Depth, inches (mm) 29 (737)
Double Slide (included) Yes (4)
Drawer Banks 2
Height, inches (mm) 45-5/8 (1,159)
Load Capacity, lb (kg) 6,800 (3,084)
Net Weight, lb (kg) 632 (286.6)
No. of Drawers 10
Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 720 (326.5)
Slides, lb (kg) (ball bearing) 227 (103)
Square inches (cm²) 8,452 (54,529)
Width, inches (mm) 54-1/2 (1,384)
Work Surface Non-Directional Rubber
Writing Surface (Qty.) Yes (1)
Writing Surfaces (Sliding) 1
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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