Digital Dual Thermometer

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Item: TEMP200



• Provides the ability to measure temperature at two different locations, provide a differential value and expedite the tuning of HVAC systems

• 10' cable provides the ability to support larger vehicles, multi-vented SUVs and other similar applications

• Large easy-to-read LCD provides quick and accurate usage of tool

• Strong clip on the back of housing provides the ability to quickly attach the main unit to most venting systems

• Handy magnetic tip on the external sensor provides the ability for hands free operation and measurement

• Large magnet on the back of clip provides the unit a more versatile attachment method within engine compartments and other ferrous locations

• Temperature 50–400 °F

• Accuracy ±1

• Magnetic surface provides the ability for hands-free operation and measurement


HVAC, body shop paint monitoring, liquid temperature comparisons, refrigeration trucks, industrial applications (oven monitoring, electrical motors)

Product Specifications Information:
Accuracy ± 1
Country Of Origin KOR
Brand Snap-on

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