Tachometer, Digital

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The MTTACH1 can assist in the setting up, monitoring or repairing of energy using power plants such as gas engines, steam boilers, electric generators, diesel engines and hydro electric power plants. Applications include flywheels for correct motor speeds; belt speeds; motor shaft speeds; pulley rotations and turbine speeds. Combination contact/non-contact tachometer with Minimum (MIN), Maximum (MAX) and LAST or current reading. Non-contact operation uses photoelectric sensor and reflective tape (included). Contact measurements are taken with one of three contact adaptors: cone, concave wheel or large wheel. Current data will remain until the next reading is taken. Memory figures will remain until the next recorded reading is taken. Powered by 2 AA batteries (included) and a protective case.
Photo Tach: 5 – 30,000 RPM
Contact Tach: 0.5 – 19,999 RPM
Surface Speed: 0.2 – 6,560 ft/min. or 0.5 – 1,999 m/min.
Product Specifications Information:
Short Product Name (chart) Digital Tachometer to measure engine RPM
Description Digital Tachometer
Country Of Origin KOR
Brand Snap-on

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  • • Read and follow safety messages in the Instructions.
  • • Do not use in environment with explosive vapor.
  • • Screen the puller application.
  • • Inspect the puller; do not use damaged parts.
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