11/32" Standard Handle 12-Point Flank Drive® Plus Combination Wrench

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Item: SOEX11



• Open End Head Design-Continuous arc design distributes applied stress over the entire radius of the open end, and that means it enhances wrench strength

• Forged Steel and Heat Treat Hardness provides a superior wrench with the proper strength and durability while reducing wear and breakage

• 7.5 Degree Offset Broaching allows the user to flip the box end over to obtain a more advantageous grip on a fastener for restricted clearance areas

Product Specifications Information:
ASME® B107.100
Dimension, inches A 17/32
Dimension, inches B 23/32
Dimension, inches C 1/4
Dimension, inches D 3/16
Dimension, inches E 6-1/8
Finish Chrome
Size, inches 11/32
Style 12-point
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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