55" 10-Drawer Double-Bank Classic Series 78 Top Chest, Candy Apple Red w/Black Trim

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Item: KRA2410APSN



• KRA2410 Top Chest provides 21,000+ in³ in 10 drawers and a huge flip lid top area

• Huge top compartment is 5" deep for use with power tools, standing sockets, bulk cases, personal items, battery charging, etc.

• Ten drawers, six 4" drawers to hold plenty of large tools

• Pre-drilled for optional KAPS4 Power Strip

• Easy to operate flip lid utilizes high-strength gas struts for safe, convenient lifting and shutting

• PLEASE NOTE: Drawers are interchangeable, so 2" drawers and 4" drawers can change position if desired

• Each drawer will hold up to 120 lb but the 4" drawers will accommodate an extra set of slides to hold up to 240 lb per drawer

Product Specifications Information:
Cubic inches (cm³) 21,283 (348,766)
Depth, inches (mm) 24 (607)
Height, inches (mm) 28.6 (726)
Net Weight, lb (kg) 361 (163.7)
No. of Drawers 10
Shipping Weight, lb (kg)
Square inches (cm²) 6,137 (39,593)
Width, inches (mm) 55 (1,397)
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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