12 V DC Digital Display Circuit Tester

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Item: EECT400BL



• Used to detect 12 V DC voltage, power, ground and circuit integrity

• LCD display provides a “no guess” voltage value of the circuit

• Backlit LED indicates green for ground or red for power

• One hand free to jiggle wires, replace fuse or operate a switch

• Provides one-handed operation of a circuit tester and the digital display of a multimeter

• Surge protected circuitry displays 3–19.99 V DC (±0.3 V accuracy)

• Computer safe (<10 mA circuit draw for confident testing)

• 3-1/2" stainless steel corrosion free shank

• Patented Instinct® black handle for style and comfort

• Solid copper clip – superior quality component for maximum electrical signal transfer

• Terminal screw connection – ensures a positive electrical signal and easy field repair

• Superior flex wire – glides past components and remains flexible in cold conditions

• Convenient field replaceable – digital display board and spring assembly

• Molded contact and finger-turn strain relief are tough

• O-ring sealed moisture-free connection for longer life

• Technical Support: (888) 382-6522

Product Specifications Information:
Accuracy ±0.3 V
Computer Safe Yes – 10 mA or less draw (Do not use on airbags)
Cord Color Black
Cord Length, ft (m) – gauge 6 (2) – 18
Cord Type Flexible Rubber
Display Backlit 2,000 count LCD
Handle Size/Color Medium Instinct®/Black
Length, inches (cm) 8-1/4 (20.96)
Operating Temperature 0–120 °F (-18–50 °C)
Outside Wire Diameter 4.0 mm (0.16")
Polarity Bi-Directional
Range 3–19.9 V DC
Replacement Clip EECTCLIP
Replacement Coil Cord Assembly EECTCORD400B
Replacement LED and Spring Assembly EECT400LCD
Resolution 0.1 V DC
Stainless Steel Shank Length, inches 3-1/2
Surge Protected Overload displays 1.0 V, then resets
Terminal End Heavy duty – copper clip
Voltage 6 and 12 V DC
Warranty 1 Year – Field Repairable
Weight, lb (kg) 0.4 (0.18)
Country Of Origin KOR
Brand Snap-on

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