Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

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Item: EEWB333B



• Handspin operation features static and dynamic balancing modes

• Features (5) ALU modes to place weights in proper location on multiple wheel configurations

• Input of rim distance by SAPE arm for accelerated set up time

• Cycle time of 6–10 seconds

• Allows exact weight placement on rim when using tape weights

• Small footprint handspin wheel balancer takes up a minimum of floor space

• Weight minimization and balancing optimization modes for reducing the overall weight usage

• Split weight mode to hide weights behind spokes

• Stadium weight tray is curved to accesss keypad and weight pockets easily

• Multiple operator feature allows several users to quickly recall settings

• Virtual Plane imaging technology for unsurpassed accuracy

• Clamps tire to keep it true to balancer shaft center without movement

• Adaptor comes complete with 14 mm shaft, 3/4" adaptors, cones and spacers

• Serviced on site with a two year parts and labor warranty

Product Specifications Information:
Cycle Time, seconds 15
Data entry Distance/Diameter SAPE arm
Electrical Requirements, V AC/ph/Hz/A 115/1/60/4
Machine Weight, lb (kg) 309 (140)
Max Tire Diameter, inches (mm) 42 (1,067)
Max Wheel Weight, lb (kg) 70 (38)
Max Wheel Width, inches (mm) 20 (508)
Measuring Speed, RPM 100
Required Work Area (W x D), inches (mm) 52 x 48 (1,321 x 1,219)
Rim Diameter, inches (mm) 8–30 (203–762)
Rim Width, inches (mm) 3–20 (508)
SAPE Entry Width Manual
Weight Imbalance Resolution (Non-Roundoff Mode), o 0.05 (1)
Weight Imbalance Resolution (Roundoff Mode), oz (g 0.25 (5)
Weight Placement SAPE
Weight Placement Resolution ± 0.7°
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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