12-Point 14 mm Flank Drive® Plus Long Combination Metric Wrench

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• Handle patterns are up to 20% longer than standard-length wrenches, which make turning fasteners easier for the user

• Longer-length handles provide better access in hard-to-reach areas

• Flank Drive® Plus wrenching system features a series of flutes or notches that grip a fastener away from its corners, capable of delivering up to 62% more turning power than traditional open-end wrenches

• Precision forged and heat treated for optimum strength and durability

• Flank Drive® Plus combination wrenches are available in many different styles and sizes

• Just like all Snap-on® wrenches, they are sized for optimum comfort and balance in your hand

• Tough, durable, nickel/chrome-plating produces a mirror-like finish that helps protect against corrosion and makes it easy to wipe the wrenches clean

Product Specifications Information:
ASME® B107.100
Dimension, mm A 21
Dimension, mm B 29
Dimension, mm C 9
Dimension, mm D 7
Dimension, mm E 250
Finish Chrome
Size, mm 14
Style 12-point
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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