All leak detectors and smoke machines
All leak detectors and smoke machines
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Combustible Gas Detectors
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Portable Diagnostic Smoke Machines
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Description Item # Price
110 V AC Power Source, North America EELD600HD-5
249.99 USD
12/24 Battery Cable Assembly EELD600HD-4
129.00 USD
240 V AC Power Source, Europe EELD600HD-6
360.00 USD
5 pc Turbo Adaptor Set EELD600HD-1
449.99 USD
Adaptor Fitting, EVAP Service Port, Standard EELD302A2
55.00 USD
Adaptor, Exhaust Cone, 1–3.5" Diameter, 6" EELD301A3
44.00 USD
Adaptor, Fuel Tank Filler Neck, Universal (Blue-Point®) EELDGASCAP
103.00 USD
Blue-Point® Gas Flow Regulator EELD302REG
111.00 USD
Compact Leak Detector (Blue-Point®) ACTLD700
324.00 USD 290.95 USD
Cone, Large Adaptor EELD500-2
72.00 USD
Cone, Vacuum EELD500-3
20.60 USD
Detector, Combustible Gas ACT790A
422.00 USD
Diffuser, Smoke (Wind/Water Leak Adaptor) EELD301A4
27.50 USD
Dye Solution, UltraTraceUV® 8 oz bottle EELD500-1
56.75 USD
EVAP Service Port Adaptor Fitting EELD302A3
55.00 USD
Fuel Tank Filler Neck Adaptor (Blue-Point®) EELDGASCAP1
39.25 USD
High-Pressure, Heavy-Duty Smoke Machine and Leak Finder EELD600HD
3899.99 USD
Hose, Smoke EELD500-6
61.75 USD
Inspection Glasses, LED UV Light and Yellow EELD500-4
61.75 USD
Inspection Light, LED UV White and Blue (Blue-Point®) EELD100-4
51.50 USD
Instruction Manual EELD500-Z
5.15 USD
Kit, Cap Plug EELD301A2
38.75 USD
Nitrogen Hose EELD302A1
60.50 USD
Plug Adaptor EELD600HD-1F
19.99 USD
Protective Cover (for EELD500) EELD500CVR
44.25 USD
Remote Control EELD500REM
154.00 USD
Set, Removeable Battery Clamp Lead EELD500-5
61.75 USD
Smart Smoke® Machine, Portable EELD500
2999.99 USD