22-1/2" 8-Drawer Narrow Standing Counter Stationary Storage

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• SpeeDrawer capability in every drawer: a wide selection of color matching dividers to organize parts and a shop’s common-use tools

• Patented Lock 'N Roll® System makes opening the drawers a snap and prevents them from drifting open

• Heavy-duty superior ball bearing drawer slides for smooth, dependable performance

• Corner gusset design strengthens the roll cab without reducing storage capacity

• Pallet jack base: 11-gauge base provides a stationary platform

• Drawer Labels: each drawer has a label on drawer trim for customization and organization

• Add divider kits to any drawer to create a SpeeDrawer – variety of standard configurations

Product Specifications Information:
Base Type Pallet Jack
Cubic inches (cm³) 15,888 (260,353)
Depth, inches (mm) 29 (737)
Double Slide (included) No
Drawers, quantity 8
Height (unit only), inches (mm) 47-7/16 (1,204)
Slides, lb (kg) (ball bearing) 227 (103 )
Square inches (cm²) 3,756 (24,229)
Width, inches (mm) 22-1/2 (572)
Work Surface Non-Directional Rubber
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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