26" 8 Drawer Single Bank Heritage Series Roll Cab

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1750.00 USD

Item: KRA4008FPBO



• Eight drawers for more versatile storage

• 4" drawer moved to top position for better access to most often used tools

• Add optional double drawer slides to increase capacity to 250 lb (113.4 kg) per drawer

• Rolled edges on all drawers add strength and reduce potential for injuries caused by sharp edges

• Casters screws pass through double thick steel plates and weld nuts for maximum strength

• Full double wall construction ? two full sized layers of heavy-duty steel provide strength and durability

• Z-shaped stiffeners between walls prevent creases to the outside wall

• Reinforced gussets inside each corner help protect corners from racking

• One piece bottom panel and strategically placed U-channel greatly increase strength

Product Specifications Information:
Caster Size, inches 5 x 2
Cubic inches (cm³) 10,000 (163,871)
Depth, inches (mm) 20 (508)
Double Slide (included) Optional
Drawer Banks 1
Height, inches (mm) 37 (940)
Load Capacity, lb (kg) 1,300 (590)
Net Weight, lb (kg) 183 (83)
No. of Drawers 8
No. of Shelves/Trays 0/0
Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 252 (114)
Slides, lb (kg) (ball bearing) 120 (54)
Square inches (cm²) 3,000 (19,355)
Widest Drawer, inches (mm) 23 (584)
Width, inches (mm) 26 (660)
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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