Roll Cab, Classic 96, 12 Drawers, Royal Blue

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Item: KRA2432PCM



• A bank of 50" extra wide drawers provide plenty of space to organize long extensions, prybars, or families of tools in the same drawer.
• Fiveof the drawers are double slided to hold 250 lbs of tools per drawer and is reinforced with four bottom stiffener.
• Aluminum drawer pull trim/rolled edges on drawers/deep drawer pulls.
• Monoprene vibration-reducing casters provide a whisper-quiet ride.
• Corner gussets are welded into each corner to keep the unit square for a lifetime of use.
• Heavy duty 14 gauge bottom panel with caster stiffener to support loads on rough floors.
Product Specifications Information:
Caster Size, inches 6 x 2
Color Royal Blue
Cubic inches (cm³) 33,000 (540,773)
Depth, inches (mm) 24 (610)
Description Classic 96 Roll Cab (Royal Blue)
Double Slide (included) Yes (5 drawers)
Drawer Banks 2
Height, inches (mm) 39 (991)
Load Capacity, lbs. (kg) 2,400 (1,089)
Net Weight, lbs. (kg) 547 (248)
No. of Drawers 12
No. of Shelves/Trays 0
Shipping Weight, lbs. (kg) 643 (292)
Slides, lbs. (kg) (ball bearing) 120 (54)
Square inches (cm²) 8,500 (54,839)
Widest Drawer, inches (mm) 50 (1,270)
Width, inches (mm) 73 (1,854)
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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This product is not available in any sets or contains other items
Do not open multiple drawers.

• Do not open multiple drawers.