73" 15-Drawer Triple-Bank Classic Series 96 Top Chest, Extreme Green

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5170.00 USD

Item: KRA2415APJJ



• Gas-assisted flip lid and 15 drawers

• Nine of the 15 drawers are 4" deep providing more space for storage

• 72 x 24" top compartment offers plenty of real estate that can be used for charging stations, lights, power tools, meters, etc.

• Huge top compartment offers gas-assist flip lid and top compartment

• Almost doubles storage space when added to a KRA2418 roll cab

• Equipped to hold optional KAPS4 Power Strip for charging and lighting functions

• Stainless steel hinge for corrosion free, smooth lid operation

• Throw switch locks drawers independently from lid

• Ball slide capacity is 125 lb per drawer


• Use on KRA2418, KRA2432 or KRA2496 Series Roll Cabs

Product Specifications Information:
Cubic inches (cm³) 28,233 (462,656)
Depth, inches (mm) 24 (609)
Height, inches (mm) 28.6 (726)
Net Weight, lb (kg) 361 (163.7)
No. of Drawers 15
Shipping Weight, lb (kg)
Square inches (cm²) 8,136 (52,490)
Width, inches (mm) 73 (1,854)
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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