60" 12-Drawer Double-Bank EPIQ Series Drawer Section with ECKO Remote Key Lock, Arctic Silver

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Item: KESE602A0PKS



• EPIQ Strength—Designed with more load capacity; features a combination of our traditional corner gussets and standing seam construction with additional top, bottom and side support to create our strongest roll cab design

• Great EPIQ styling includes flush fronts and trim to reduce snag points and provides a fresh new look

• InPulseTM Drawer Action—Flush finish drawers with uncompromising strength are easier to open, easier to close and don’t drift open

• ECKO Remote Locking System—Remote lock system is factory installed and includes two key fobs and two regular keys

• Latest feature makes EPIQ tool storage units that much more versatile

• Tool box makes audio sounds when key fob is used

• 1 beep unit is locked and 2 beeps unit is unlocked

• Key fob can be paired to multiple tool storage units

• Unit must be plugged in and requires a standard 110V outlet

• Key fob is powered by a standard key fob battery (CR2032)

• Range is up to 75 feet unobstructed

Product Specifications Information:
Cubic Inch Capacity, inches 26,370
Depth, inches 30
Drawers 12
Height, inches 27.5
Square Inch Capacity, inches 8,223
Weight, lb 525
Width, inches 60
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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