55" 10 Drawer Double Bank Classic Series Roll Cab with Power Drawer and SpeeDrawer

5 stars

7170.00 USD

Item: KCP1422PZS



• New taller profile in Classic depth to fit more storage in compact service bays

• Three extra wide drawers make tools more accessible

• 8" drawer with Integrated power for charging batteries, tablets, phones securely

• SpeeDrawer in medium 2" deep drawer for quick access for small tool and parts and organization

• Snap-on® exclusive power strip with (5) offset AC and (2) tapered USB 3.0 ports provides improved access to all (7) ports

• Eleven new blackout color packages available (black trim, black on titanium Snap-on® logo, black caster horns and black labels) – optional black lock cover K1LCAPBLK

• Heavy-duty 227 lb drawer slides

• Heavy-duty cable carrier tucked behind stainless shield for easy drawer movement

• External breaker switch UL® tested to protect from overload

• Top three drawers are 50" wide and 5", 3" and 4" deep to organize a professional assortment of sockets, wrenches, and essential tools

• Vibration absorbing casters provide a more stable environment for tools and equipment

• Welded gussets in four corners help keep cabinet square


Tool Storage of all types of tools and rechargeable power tools and devices

Product Specifications Information:
Cubic inches (cm³) 28,219 (462,427)
Depth, inches (mm) 24 (610)
Double Slide (included) Yes (2 drawers)
Drawer Banks 2
Height, inches (mm) 43 (1,092)
Load Capacity, lb (kg) 2,400 (1,089)
Net Weight, lb (kg) 595 (270)
No. of Drawers 10
Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 648 (294)
Slides, lb (kg) (ball bearing) 227 (103)
Square inches (cm²) 7,142 (46,077)
Widest Drawer, inches (mm) 50 (1,270)
Width, inches (mm) 55 (1,397)
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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