275 Lumen Magnetically Mountable Headlamp

2 stars

List Price: 71.75 USD

Online Only: 64.60 USD

Item: ECHDB022



• Slim and rugged package allow for a comfortable light that can be used in multiple applications or environments

• Variable brightness provides the ability to choose the right amount of illumination at the right time

• Light and battery built into one package and secured to an adjustable headband by a uniquely designed clip mechanism

• Easily remove the light from its band and attach it to other locations with built-in magnet

• 2+ hour run time at 100%/6+ hours at 40% brightness

• IP65 rating allows for exposure to water and dust in the toughest environments

• Rechargeable via standard USB-C connection for ease of use

Product Specifications Information:
Country Of Origin CHN
Brand Snap-on

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