ETHOS® Edge Scantool System
ethos® edge scantool system
ETHOS® Plus Scantool System
ethos® plus scantool system
Gas Analyzers
gas analyzers
MODIS™ Ultra Modular Diagnostic Information System
modis™ ultra modular diagnostic information system
Pro-Link iQ™ Scan Tools
pro-link iq™ scan tools
SOLUS™ Edge Scantool System
solus™ edge scantool system
vantage® ultra component test system
VERDICT® Modular Diagnostic and Information System
verdict® modular diagnostic and information system
VERUS® INTEGRATED Diagnostic and Information System
verus® integrated diagnostic and information system
ZEUS Diagnostic and Information System
zeus diagnostic and information system
Apollo D8™ Diagnostic and Information System
apollo d8™ diagnostic and information system
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Description Item # Price
12-Pin Adaptor EEHD493003
91.75 USD
14.4 V MicroLithium Cordless Polish/Prep Tool (Tool Only) CTPP761ADB
219.95 USD
16 Pin OBD-II Cable EECR2-2
35.75 USD
16-Pin Adaptor EEHD493013
91.75 USD
48" USB Micro Cable EECR2-3
35.75 USD
6-Pin Deutsch Ultra Adaptor EEHD494024
127.00 USD
AC Adaptor EEHD494099
105.00 USD
AC/DC Power Supply 2-60666A
44.99 USD
Adaptor, 6-Pin Deutsch EEHD488024
99.00 USD
Adaptor, 9-Pin Deutsch, Locking EEHD493001
192.00 USD
Adaptor, AC Power EAK0276B02A
44.99 USD
Adaptor, BMW® EAA0355L74A
40.50 USD
Adaptor, Chrysler®-2 EAA0355L31A
26.75 USD
Adaptor, Chrysler®-1 EAA0355L30A
27.99 USD
Adaptor, Cummins®, 2-pin EEHD401013
143.00 USD
Adaptor, DL-16 Key, European Vehicles EAA0355L68A
53.99 USD
Adaptor, Ford®-1A EAA0355L20C
38.99 USD
Adaptor, Ford®-4 EAA0355L70A
27.99 USD
Adaptor, GM, 12-Pin EEHD481003
69.25 USD
Adaptor, GM®-1, 12 Pin EAA0355L10A
27.79 USD
Adaptor, HD/J1962 EEHD481009
158.00 USD
Adaptor, Honda®-1 EAA0355L77A
27.99 USD
Adaptor, Hyundai®-2 EAA0355L51A
27.99 USD
Adaptor, Ignition Coil, Acura®/Honda®/Isuzu® (COP-4) EETM306A08
69.99 USD
Adaptor, Ignition Coil, BMW® (COP-8) EETM306A12
64.99 USD
Adaptor, Ignition Coil, Chrysler® (COP-2) EETM306A04
64.99 USD
Adaptor, Ignition Coil, Chrysler® / Jeep® / Lexus® / Toyota® (COP-11) EETM306A14
107.99 USD
Adaptor, Ignition Coil, Ford® (COP-1) EETM306A03
74.99 USD