74 mm Oil Filter Housing Socket

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Item: OFS74



• Removes/installs oil filter housings on multiple Volkswagen® and Mercedes-Benz® model engines


Volkswagen®, 2013, 2.5L I5

Mercedes-Benz®, 2013, 2.1L I4 Diesel

Mercedes-Benz®, 2007, 3.0L V6

Mercedes-Benz®, 2007, 3.5L V6

Mercedes-Benz®, 2013, 4.6L V8 Turbo

Mercedes-Benz®, 2007, 5.0L V8

Mercedes-Benz®, 2013 5.5L V8

Mercedes-Benz®, 2013 5.5L V12 Turbo

Mercedes-Benz®,  20136.0L V12 Turbo


Product Specifications Information:
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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