Parts Washer, Aqueous, Electric, Automatic Cabinet

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Item: PBC57A



Automatically cleans engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission cases and small parts using a pressurized heated biodegradable soap solution. Features a large turntable that rotates and uses eighteen spray nozzles for complete cleaning; turntable also pulls out 24" for part loading. Features integral oil skimmer and screen filter to keep contaminates separate from cleaning solution. Includes a 25 gal. pail of YADW896 powdered soap.
Product Specifications Information:
Power Source Electrical
Inside Dimensions, inches 41 H x 35 W x 35 D
Open Height, inches 69
Turntable Capacity, lb. 500
Turntable Speed, RPM 3
Overall Dimensions, inches 69 H x 53 W x 43 D
Turntable Diameter, inches 30
European Models (230VAC, 50Hz) PBCH57EUR
Heater, watts 9,000
Pump Motor, hp 2
Depth, inches (mm) 35
Electrical Req. 230V AC, 60Hz
Reservoir Capacity, gal 60
Timer Up to 60 minutes
Volume, gal/h 2,700
Output Pressure, psi 45
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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  • • Do not direct air or fluid stream at body.