Dead Blow Wheel Service Hammer

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Item: HCU4SG



• Urethane face allows for less marring of struck surfaces – Wider face diameter will minimize any damage to thin steel or aluminum castings commonly found on transaxle cases, transfer cases, or similar automotive components where a wide swing arc is not available

• Four pound hammer gets the job done in one or two strikes versus multiple passes for smaller hammers – Also concentrates force on components where a wide swing arc is not available

• Handle made of pultruded fiberglass and is 4x stronger than wood – No internal steel to create vibration or ergonomic shock

• Pod that holds shot in hammer head has no obstruction from handle, this allows for uninterrupted flow of shot during striking

• Soft handle grip allows additional comfort and suitable for techs using gloves

Product Specifications Information:
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Blue-Point®

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