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14 pc 12 Valve Diesel Set for Cummins® B and C Series Engines CUMDS12V
912.10 USD
14 pc 24 Valve Diesel Set for Cummins® B and C Series Engines CUMDS24V
958.70 USD
24 mm Cummins® Flare Nut Wrench (Blue-Point®) YA6615
67.75 USD
24/36 mm Oil Filter Housing Flip Socket OFS2432
44.95 USD
3/8" Drive 17 mm Flare Nut 6-Point Crowfoot Wrench FRHM17
24.55 USD
3/8" Drive 19 mm Flare Nut 6-Point Crowfoot Wrench FRHM19
24.55 USD
3/8" Drive 36mm Dual Fuel and Oil Filter Cap Socket (Blue-Point®) FFW2
32.25 USD
4 mm L-Shape Metric Hex Wrench AWM4D
2.35 USD
4 pc Oil/Fuel Filter Socket Set OFSKIT
133.90 USD
5 mm L-Shape Metric Hex Wrench AWM5D
2.35 USD
5 pc Diesel Injector Puller Set, Dodge®/Cummins® CJ140
268.00 USD
5/16", 13/16" Injector Brush (Blue-Point®) MB73A
18.85 USD
7pc Domestic Vehicle Adaptor Set EEDF400-NA
899.99 USD
9" Injector Brush (Blue-Point®) MB6BTA
20.00 USD
9pc European Vehicle Adaptor Set EEDF400-EUR
999.99 USD
Adaptor, Compression M3540C
95.99 USD
Adaptor, Compression, Diesel M3584
89.99 USD
Adaptor, Compression, Diesel M3585
99.99 USD
Adaptor, Diesel Compression Gauge, Dodge®/Cummins® EEPV313C
121.00 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Cummins® Engines, 2007–2010 EEDF400-7A
199.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Cummins® Manual Opener (Blue-Point®) EEDF400-6
28.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Duramax® Engines (Blue-Point®) EEDF400-3
89.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Duramax® Turbo Boost Engines (Blue-Point®) EEDF400-5
83.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Ford® 6.0L Engines EEDF400-1A
239.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Ford® 6.4L Engines (Blue-Point®) EEDF400-2
44.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Ford® 6.7L Engines EEDF400-11A
249.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Izusu®/BMW®/Mercedes® Engines (Blue-Point®) EEDF400-8
99.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Mercedes® Engines EEDF400-19
179.99 USD