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Description Item # Price
12 V DC to DC Cord EEJP600-3
5.15 USD
12 V Lead-Acid Engine Starter+ EEJP600
369.99 USD
12 V Li-Ion Compact Engine Starter/ USB Charger and Light EEJP200M
259.99 USD
15' Battery Booster Cable Set BC15500A
139.99 USD
20' Battery Booster Cable Set BC20500A
159.99 USD
25' Truck Mounted Battery Booster Cable Set BC25500PA
279.99 USD
4 pc Battery Service Kit 2004BSKA
88.75 USD
5 pc Battery Service Kit 2005BSKA
225.00 USD
5/16" Hex GM® Battery Terminal Ratcheting Box Wrench (Blue-Point®) YA249
15.45 USD
5/16" Side Battery Terminal Ratcheting Box Wrench (Blue-Point®) YA249L
17.20 USD
6/12 V Automotive Battery Charger EEBC400
640.00 USD
Adaptors, Post EECS306C-6
38.00 USD
Amp Clamp, Dual Range (Hi/Lo) EECS306C-2
367.00 USD
Basic Battery and Electrical System Tester EECS150
239.99 USD
Battery Charger Plus™ EEBC500A
829.99 USD
Battery Charger, Truck EEBC400F
670.00 USD
Battery Charger/Engine Starter (Blue-Point®) EEBC100A
294.99 USD
Battery Hydrometer (Blue-Point®) BT101
14.35 USD
Brush, Terminal (Blue-Point®) BTC3A
16.45 USD
Cable Clamp Puller, Self-Locking Jaws CJ92
72.25 USD
Carbon Fiber Basic Battery and Electrical System Tester EECS150-CF
257.00 USD
Carbon Fiber Enhanced Battery System Tester EECS350-CF
463.00 USD
Carrier, Battery (Blue-Point®) BL1B
35.00 USD
Case, Carrying EECS400-PB
32.75 USD
Cover, Battery Charger Plus™ EEBC500CVR
74.25 USD
Crimper, Battery Terminal (Blue-Point®) YA9484
66.50 USD
Diagnostic Tester and Charger, Battery System, D-TAC™ Elite EECS306C
3999.99 USD
Dongle, IR, w/Installation CD Template EECS306C-7A
124.99 USD