Roll Cab, Classic 96, 12 Drawers, Royal Blue

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Item: KRA2432PCM



• A bank of 50" extra wide drawers provide plenty of space to organize long extensions, prybars, or families of tools in the same drawer.
• Fiveof the drawers are double slided to hold 250 lbs of tools per drawer and is reinforced with four bottom stiffener.
• Aluminum drawer pull trim/rolled edges on drawers/deep drawer pulls.
• Monoprene vibration-reducing casters provide a whisper-quiet ride.
• Corner gussets are welded into each corner to keep the unit square for a lifetime of use.
• Heavy duty 14 gauge bottom panel with caster stiffener to support loads on rough floors.
Product Specifications Information:
Caster Size, inches 6 x 2
Double Slide (included) Yes (5 drawers)
Width, inches (mm) 73 (1,854)
Drawer Banks 2
No. of Drawers 12
Shipping Weight, lbs. (kg) 643 (292)
Net Weight, lbs. (kg) 547 (248)
Depth, inches (mm) 24 (610)
Description Classic 96 Roll Cab (Royal Blue)
Color Royal Blue
Cubic inches (cm³) 33,000 (540,773)
Load Capacity, lbs. (kg) 2,400 (1,089)
Slides, lbs. (kg) (ball bearing) 120 (54)
Height, inches (mm) 39 (991)
No. of Shelves/Trays 0
Square inches (cm²) 8,500 (54,839)
Widest Drawer, inches (mm) 50 (1,270)
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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  • • Do not open multiple drawers.