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Description Stock # Price
Adaptor, Compression M3540A
113.20 USD
Adaptor, Compression, Diesel M3584
85.50 USD
Adaptor, Compression, Diesel M3585
92.50 USD
Adaptor, Diesel Pulse MT257B
340.80 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Cummins® Engines, 2007-2010 EEDF400-7
315.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Cummins® Manl OpenR EEDF400-6
25.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Duramax® Engines EEDF400-3
86.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Duramax® Turbo Boost Engines EEDF400-5
77.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Ford® 6.0L Engines EEDF400-1
323.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Ford® 6.4L Engines EEDF400-2
41.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Izusu®/BMW®/Mercedes® Engines EEDF400-8
96.99 USD
Adaptor, EGR, Mercedes®/Universal Engines EEDF400-4
122.99 USD
Adaptor, Puller, Diesel Injector, 12 mm CJ141
39.75 USD
Adaptor, Puller, Diesel Injector, M14 x 1.5 CJ142
39.75 USD
Bit Socket, TORX®, Injector Hold Down Fasteners, 3 1/8", T40 S6340E
30.50 USD
Brush, Injector MB73A
17.60 USD
Brush, Injector, Bronze MB5D
5.35 USD
Brush, Injector, Bronze MB5D
5.35 USD
Brush, Injector, Stainless Steel MB6BTA
17.60 USD
Dial Indicator SP5001
148.50 USD
Engine Turning Tool, 3/8" Female Square Drive YA9565A
74.10 USD
Flywheel Lock, GM Duramax 6.6 Liter Engines YA6925
34.00 USD
Gauge Holder SP5002
20.10 USD
Gauge, Feeler, Step Blade, 12 blades, .008"/.010" thru .028"/.030" FB308D
37.45 USD
Gauge, Feeler, Step Blade, 2 blades (.011"-.013" / .013"-.015") FB328A
21.40 USD
Gauge, Feeler, U.S./Metric, 25 blades (.0015" thru .025") FB325A
11.30 USD
Gauge, Injector Height, 78.2mm SP7882-782
21.20 USD
Gauge, Injector Height, Detroit Diesel 60 Series, 82.1mm SP7882-821
18.90 USD