Wheel Balancer, Hand Spin

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Item: EEWB305D



Use on passenger cars, light trucks, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles. Hand spin operation. Two parameter automatic entry to measure rim offset and distance by touching the distance gauge to the rim. Molded weight tray has 16 weight storage pockets. Includes Standard accessories listed below.

Standard Accessories (40mm Shaft):
EAM0003J05A Small Cone - 1.70" to 2.54"
EAM0003J06A Medium Cone - 2.18" to 2.97"
EAM0003J07A Large Cone - 2.80" to 3.60"
EAM0003J08A Truck Cone - 3.36" to 5.20"
EAA0263G66A Quick Nut 40mm
EAC0058D07A Pressure Cup
EAC0058D08A Pressure Disk
EAC0058D15A Rubber Protector
EAM0021D90A Stub Shaft 40mm
8-01050A Wrench
EAA0247G21A Rim Width Caliper
EAM005D40A Calibration Weight

Optional Accessories
EEWB3-1 Car, Light Truckand SUV Pin Plate Kit for U.S. and Import Vehicles
EEWB3-2 Light Truck and SUV Pin Plate Kit for U.S. and Import Vehicles
EAA0346J75A 1" Extension Flange
EAA0346J76A 2" Extension Flange
WWPR13A Wheel Weight Pliers
Product Specifications Information:
Required Floor Space 60" W x 48" D
Max. Tire Width, inches (mm) 19 (482)
Accuracy, oz. (grams) 0.10 (2)
Shipping Weight, lbs. (kg) 230 (105)
Electrical Req. 115V, single phase, 60Hz, 15A
Max. Tire/Wheel Weight, lbs. (kg) 120 (54)
Shaft Speed at Calculation, RPM 119
Sound Level, dBa 70
Rim Width, inches (mm) 1-20 (25-508)
Cycle Time, seconds <15
Max. Tire Diameter, inches (mm) 44 (1,118)
Description Hand Spin Wheel Balancer
Rim Dia., inches (mm) 6-30 (152-762)
Operation Handspin
Country Of Origin USA
Brand Snap-on

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